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New menu

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12.06.2019. | The Fishing Park and Tavern of Akasztó

We are happy to inform our dear guests that our menu has been renewed, offering easy summer and traditional Hungarian dishes.
Some of our new dishes:
Smoked carp paste with toast
Siberian sturgeon caviar with toast (30 g)
Forest fruit cream soup
Cream of pea soup with bacon
   Main dishes:
Grilled black carp fillet
Almond crusted fried siberian sturgeon fillet
Spicy chicken skewers
Stuffed pork loin with smoked ham, cheese, onion and hot pepper
Fried garden vegetables with blue cheese sauce
Piquant yogurt salad
Multi seed salad
Gluten-free nut cake with honey and mascarpone
Forrest fruit ice cream cup

Siberian sturgeon caviar Erdei gyümölcskrémleves Fekete amurfilé mandulás bundában
Fűszeres csirkenyárs Grillsajt Sokmagvas salátával Diótörő
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