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Fish shop

Fish shop

Our Tavern offer the opportunity to purchase the products of Akasztó Fish Farm.
Live carp is available year-round. We can provide cleaned fish and fillets upon order with 1 working day term.

Alive fish:                    .
Carp from Akasztó  1 700 Ft/kg
Cleaned fish*:  
Whole cleaned carp 2 450 Ft/kg
Whole cleaned carp filleted  2 630 Ft/kg
Fish fillet:  
Carp fillet  4 450 Ft/kg
Wels catfish fillet  7 960 Ft/kg
Fish products:  
Hot smoked carp fillet  7 300 Ft/kg
Smoked carp paste (200 g)  1 950 Ft/pc
Pannon siberian sturgeon caviar (30 g)  5 800 Ft/pc
Fish soup ingredients:  
Fish soup broth (without red paprika)  990 Ft/liter
Match noodles (500 g)  790 Ft

The prices shown include VAT.
*For cleaned fish/fillets the price refers to net weight.

Cleaned fish: The fish is scaled, disembowelled.
Cleaned and fillets: The fish is scaled, disembowelled, filleted.

Our materials presenting the cleaning and filleting:

Halfilézés - halszálkátlanítás prospektus