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Fishing regulations

Dear Guests!

On behalf of my colleagues I can promise, that we will do our best to ensure that Your rest is pleasurable and smooth. For this reason I would like to ask You to read and follow the following regulations and the general fishing policy.
With kind regards: Csaba Szabó, Manager


1. Guests of the Fishing Park are obliged to leave their vehicles in the designated parking lot, which is provided free of charge. We do not take any financial responsibility for the vehicles. The parking lot is equipped with recording video cameras.
2. Fishing is possible during opening hours indicated in menu Fishing shop, after purchasing the territorial license (daily ticket, passes) and checking in at the Fishing shop, or with valid annual or tourist state fishing ticket. The State Fisheries Protection Service is entitled to check the state fishing ticket. The angler who takes his place (shelter, pier, fishing spot) before checking in can be denied to access the Fishing Park for the given day or has to pay and additional fee of 5.000 HUF!
3. Our guests has to leave the territory of the Fishing Park within quarter of an hour after closing time, otherwise a surcharge of 1 500 HUF is to be paid.
4. The angler is obliged to check in, check out and show packages. The angler at the check in receives a numbered board, which must be clearly displayed at the fishing spot, the numbered board can be received on giving the fishing card, which will be returned at check out after returning the table.
5. Upon leaving the angler is obliged to show without special request to the authorized personnel the bags for rods, buckets, cooler bag and larger bags. The employee of the Fisheries Protection Service has the right to inspect the fishing equipment and the vehicle of the angler!
6. The angler is entitled to use free of charge the piers and shelters on first come-first served basis.
7. Garbage must be collected in trash cans located on the ponds side. The angler leaving garbage at the end of fishing is obliged to pay a surcharge of 5.000 HUF!
8. Guest deliberately causing damages to the objects and landscaping of the Fishing Park is obliged to pay for the caused damage!
9. An adult can fish with 2 rods, 2 hooks/rod at a time. A person under the age of 18 can fish with 1 rod, 1 hook at a time, in the presence of an adult attendant, with the exception of the two Extra ponds. Fishing free of charge under the age of 14 is possible only with floating gear. Of course, several rods can be kept in readiness.
10. Caught fish must be handled with care. It is obligatory to use a fold down net to handle a fish! It is forbidden to reach into the gill of the fish or cause other injuries to it! Injured fish must be kept (eg. with deep hooks) or handed over to the fisheries protection agency officer!
11. The fish that You would like to keep must be kept alive in a holding net. It is forbidden to put a fish back to the pond from a holding net! At the end of the fishing, the angler is obliged to show the fishes to the fisheries protection service officer and to pay for it after weighting on daily price.
12. The fish that You do not want to keep and that is not injured should be returned to the lake immediately after the catch.
13. The carps over 5 kg caught in the two Extra ponds should be released immediately after wound disinfection!
14. The caught predatory fishes should be taken away! Except for catfish over 5 kg, what needs to be shown to the fisheries protection service officer!
15. The normal ticket can be used for fishing on ponds Big pond, Canal pond, Bream pond. The extra ticket can be used for fishing on all fishing ponds. The afternoon ticket can be used for fishing from 2 pm until the end of opening hours. This ticket type can be purchased from Monday to Friday, except for non-working days and public holidays.
16. For fish health reasons fishing on the 40-hectare lake from 1 January 2019 is possible only during events held on this pond, otherwise it is forbidden!
17. The purchase of one territorial ticket entitles one person to fishing and also entitles one adult attendant to stay in the Fishing Park! An additional ticket is obligatory for every additional adult attendant, the ticket is equivalent to the Beach ticket in summer season.
18. The use of carp mattress is obligatory on the two Extra ponds, which can be borrowed free of charge in our Fishing shop.
19. For fish health reasons, fishing on the two Extra ponds is possible only with barbless hooks.
20. Fishing with spinning rod is forbidden in the Fishing Park! In the case of fishing for predatory fish anglers can use only baits caught in the Fishing Park, for fish health reasons the use of fishing baits from other waters is prohibited!
21. It is forbidden to clean the caught fish on the territory of the Fishing Park!
22. Pets are allowed in the Fishing Park area. In case of dogs it is required to use leash!
23. It is forbidden to remove boards used at sluice!
24. The Fishing Park operator can organize fishing tournaments. You can get up-to-date information regarding fishing tournaments at our fishing shop. For the smooth running of the tournament no other person except for the competitors can fish on the given pond during the tournament! If an angler violates this rule, he must leave the tournament area!
25. Night fishing is not possible.
26. Bathing in the ponds of the Fishing Park is forbidden!
27. Fire is prohibited!
28. By redeeming the territorial licence, the angler accepts the Fishing regulations!