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Fish prices

Fish prices

Prices of fish caught in the Fishing Park:

Halfajok:                    .
Carp (under 5 kg) 1 100 Ft/kg
Carp (5-8 kg) 1 900 Ft/kg
Carp (over 8 kg) 2 400 Ft/kg
Crucian carp 390 Ft/kg
Bream 740 Ft/kg
Grass carp 790 Ft/kg
Black carp 1 590 Ft/kg
Northern pike 2 200 Ft/kg
Wels catfish 2 500 Ft/kg
Pike 3 000 Ft/kg
Siberian sturgeon 2 700 Ft/kg
Russian strugeon 2 700 Ft/kg
Brown bullhead Free

The prices shown include 5% VAT.

On weekdays we provide our guests the possibility of cleaning the caught fish.
Fish handed over until 11 am can be cleaned until 4 pm the same day,
fish handed over after 11 am can be cleaned until 12 am the next day.
Cleaning of small fish (crucian carp, bream) is possible on limited extend, in agreed terms.

Our materials presenting the cleaning and filleting:

Halfilézés - halszálkátlanítás prospektus