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Fishing tournament

Fishing tournament

Very popular are the different team building programs, in that regard we offer to companies and groups of friends the fishing tournaments organized by us. Fishing is a great experience in itself, but is even more exiting if one can compete not only with the fish but also with each other. There is no need to be a professional, because taking part in the tournament, the environment and the catches will be always among good memories.

We undertake the organization of fishing tournaments in the Fishing Park for up to 100 anglers. On request, there is a possibility to arrange one- or more day long event, in the case of the latter, accommodation is available locally in our 6-room (28-bed) guesthouse situated above the Tavern.
Catering is available in two locations, depending on the number of guests: for smaller groups (up to 30 people) we recommend the Conference room and in case of a larger number of guests we recommend the Event room located on the beach, where we can serve 170 people at the same time.

We will be glad to answer Your inquiries or other questions.

Andrea Czobor-Szabo
event organizer