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covidCoronavirus information (01.05.2021.)
According to the current epidemiological regulations, we can only accept our guests with a immunity certificate in our Guesthouse and Camping.
Thank you for your understanding!

The Fishing Park and Tavern of Akasztó is an ideal choice also for those who plan to make a several-day trip to the heart of Kiskunság. Two different types of accommodation are available for our guests, one is a 13-room 3 star guesthouse, second is the campsite situated on the territory of the beach.

The rooms of the guesthouse can accommodate 2 to 6 people, with a separate bathroom. The campsite provides the possibility of camping in a green, neat environment near the playground. For more information please visit the Guesthouse and Camping menu.

Payment options: cash, SZÉP Card, credit card