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New menu

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05.06.2018. | The Fishing Park and Tavern of Akasztó

We are happy to inform our dear guests that our menu has been renewed, offering easy summer and traditional Hungarian dishes.
   Starters:  Csirkenyárs Hideg gyümölcsleves Majonézes pontysaláta
Mayonnaise smoked carp salad with marinated onion and toast
Duck liver pâté with vegetables and toast
Fruit soup in cup
Bean goulash soup
Zöldsaláta körtével és dióval Sertésszűz rozmaringos pecsenyeszafttalVágótokfilé burgonyás bundában
   Main dishes:
Potato flake fried russian sturgeon fillet
Herbed chicken
Yogurt marinated chicken skewers with frying vegetables
Stuffed pork loin with hungarian mushroom ragout
Grilled pork tenderloin with rosemary gravy
Green salad with pear and nuts
Gorgonzola fresh salad

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